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Incarnation of Sree Raghavendra (Page 2)

To prove the veracity of his devotee, Prahlada the Lord emerged from the pillar to destroy the tormentor of the world and hater of god. None of the gods or even goddess Lakshmi be calm the enraged and ferocious Man Lion. There upon Lord Brahma requested Prahlada to becalm and please the Lord, as they thought he alone was capable of doing it.

So, Prahlada prayed to the Lord in deep devotion and begged him to protect the mankind and the unverse, to redeem him from the ocean of rebirth and to grant his father a place in heaven, Lord Narasimha who is always meciful to his devoties, appriciated the sinceare devotion of Prahlada becalmed himself and granted him many boons, besides bringing cheer to the gods by the resumptionof his pleasing looks. He anoined Prahlada as king and ordained that the latter should merge in him after discharging his duties and enjoying worldly pleasures as king .There upon, the Lord disappeared.

In obedience to the Lords ordainment, Prahlada ruled over his kingdom for long years and ultimately merged himself in Lord Vishnu.




Sri Vyasaraya is one of the most reputed among the propagators of the Dwaita(Dualism) philosophy. He was born of pious parents called Seethamma and Ramacharya. He had his early education from Sri Sripadaraya. Later he adorned the pontific seat of the Dwaita School of Philosophy, a repository of the teachings of knowledge , devotion and detachment . In appreciation of his deep devotion, Lord Gopal Krishna would converse with him and even dance before him. As his teacher, Sri Sripadaraya had seen this with his own eyes, his affection for Sri Vyasaraya swelled all the more. Sri Vyasaraya wrote celebrated works such as "Tatparyachandrika" , " Tarakatandavamu " and "Nyayamrutamu".

Once while Sri Vyasaraya was at the shrine of Tirumala , the worship of Sri Venkateswara was hampered. He was asked by King Salva Narasimha Raja to offer worhip on his behalf (to Sri Venkateswara) . In pursuance of this expressed desire, Sri Vyasaraya conducted worship of Sri Venkateswara for twelve years according to the traditions and rites sanctioned by the Vedas and the sastras and earned the grace of the Lord.


During the reign of Sri Krishna Deva Raya once the ruler was afflicted with a disease named "Kuhu" and he was restless with suffering. He consulted some astrologers who examined his horoscope and suggested that he would be rid of it if he forsook his throne.

Sri Krishna Deva Raya decided to relinquish his throne and was in search of a proper person to take his place as ruler. He sent out his state elephant with a garland in his trunk and offered to appoint as king whomsoever the elephant garlanded . The elephant left the city reached the forest and trumpcated before a cave when Sri Vyasaray who was performing penance came out of the cave , he garlanded Sri Vyasaraya.

The royal servants who accompanied the elephant informed Sri Vyasaraya of the kings Order. Considering the elephant's action as a divine command. Sri Vyasaraya agreed to ascend the throne. With great exultation, Sri Krishna Deva Raya offered the throne as a gift to Sri Vyasaraya Swami.

Some time after Sri Vyasaraya had commenced his reign, there were impending signs of the dreaded "kuhu" disease. He descended from the throne and leaving his upper garment on it , stood at a distance.At once , the cloth caught fire and was soon reduced to ashes. The courtiers were astonishes. They praised the greatness of the Swami. The danger of the "Kuhu" disease was averted and Sri Krishna Deva Raya's life was saved.Sri Vyasaraya told the king that he was freed from the dangerous effects of the disease and asked him to re-ascend the throne and rule the people according to the discuss of Dharma.

Sri Krishna Deva Raya obeyed the Swami's command and began to rule over his empire.

Sri Vyasaraya who had performed great penance won the grace of the Lord and written various works of philosophy founded many shrines of Sri Anjaneya in the country.

Devotees well know that the Yanthroddhara Pranadeva's image was consecrated by Sri Vyasaraya at Hampi which shrine is called 'The giver of all boons to devotees'.

Sri Vyasaraya preached to the world for many years that "Lord Hari is the greatest god" and "Vayu is the greatest Jeeva" and, after winning universal fame, being worshipped by his devotees and adorning the supreme seat of the Dwaita philosophy for ninety years, attained the Brindavan on the banks of the Tungabhadra River , near Anegondi on the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight in the month of phalguna of the year Hevilambi . At this place besides him eight pontific heads of the Dwaita School have entered Samadhi. So this place is called "Nava Brindavan".



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