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Pooja Schedules :


At about 6am daily will take place the cleansing of the Sri Raghavendra Brindavan with water , after the remnants of the previous days puja offerings are removed. This is followed in order by anointing with panchamritham bathing with pure water, adornment with clothes and precious ornaments, worship with flowers and offering of Mangala Harathi. Similar worship and offerings are made at the shrines of Sri Pranadeva (Sri Vayudeva) and at the Brindavans of Sri Vadindra and other swamis. Later sacred water and prasadams (tokens of divine grace) are given to the devotees. In the evening utsav to the swami is conducted and concluded by "Swasti" and Mangala Harathi.



Prahladarajah: pradhamo divitiyo vyasarajakah :

Raghavendras thrithiyastu Bhagavat Karyasadhaka:


In the Devaloka there is a great devotee named Sankukarna, who has conquered his self and is perennially engaged in meditation of god and in procuring for Lord Brahma, the articles of worship like flowers and fruites intending to employ him for the dissemination of right philosophy and devotion in the mundane world, Lord Narayana ordained him to take three incarnations on earth.

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