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About Manchala (Mantralayam) :

A shortriem village with a population of 1212 on the bank of the Thungabhadra in the extreme north of the thaluk. The village is widely known as containing the tomb of the Madhwa Saint Sri Raghavendra swamy. The annualt festival in agust which is attended by the large number of pilgrims, including even Lingayats from the Bombay , the Nizam's Dominions and even Mysore . The tomb itself is not of architechural interest. The grant of the landed endowment attached to it, is said one of the Mackenzie Mss, to have been made by Venkanna Pant, the well known Dewan of Siddhi Masud Khan, Governor of Adoni, from 1662 to 1687.


A quaint story of Sri Thomas Munro is told about the place. The endowment being threatened with resumption, Munro, it is said, came to make enquiries, after removing his boots and taking of his hat he, approached the grave. The saint thereupon emerged from his tomb and met him. They conversed together for some time regarding the resumption, but though the saint was visible and audible to Munro, who was himself, the people declare, semi-divine, none of the others, who were there could either see him or hear what he said. The discussion ended. Munro returned to his tent and quashed the proposal to resume the endowment. Being offered some consecrated rice, he accepted it and ordered it to be used in the preparation of his meals for that day.

Madras Review VII-280
Mantralayam - Kurnool (District) - Andhra Pradesh (State) - India
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